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Castlefest 2019 + Updated Peasant Dress

Hi everyone! It's been a couple of weeks since my last post, and that's because we've suffered a heatwave here in The Netherlands and I also spend two weeks on holiday with my parents. I didn't do any sewing at all! Yet Castlefest was coming up - a yearly Ren Fair I've attended for almost… Continue reading Castlefest 2019 + Updated Peasant Dress

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Italian Peasant Dress – Part 3: Bodice & Result

<<< Part 1: Camica << Part 2: Skirt & Bodice Drafting Part 3: Bodice & Result Hi everyone! Thanks again for joining me on my journey to making a 16th century Italian peasant dress. Today I am showing you how I made the bodice, and share some pictures of me wearing the whole ensamble to… Continue reading Italian Peasant Dress – Part 3: Bodice & Result