Green Floral Wrap Dress [KM2018-12 Dress 9]

Hey everyone! This week I am showing you a dress that had me TEARING MY HAIRS OUT because I had such a hard time with the fit! Therefore it took me 8 months to finish it because I kept abandoning it, re-trying the sleeves, re-trying the collar, and FINALLY it is finished! Actually it has… Continue reading Green Floral Wrap Dress [KM2018-12 Dress 9]


Mushroom Cowl Neck Top [Own pattern]

Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting last week, I was on a family trip to celebrate my Grandparents' 60th birthday anniversary. We went to the botanical gardens which has a large Chinese garden. Isn't it beautiful? I wore a cute mushroom T-shirt I made for the occasion. Sadly it was a very cold day so… Continue reading Mushroom Cowl Neck Top [Own pattern]