Pink Plus-size T-shirt [Own Pattern]

I picked up some really cute fabric from a sewing supplies store closing down back in December. The original plan was to combine it with a plain pink fabric and make a dress, but I couldn't find the same colour of pink. So I decided to make a T-shirt / tunic instead because I was… Continue reading Pink Plus-size T-shirt [Own Pattern]


Green Floral Skirt – [KM2019-03 Skirt 103]

Hi everyone! Here is a skirt I finished over the weekend. I've been using a sewing journal since last month and I thought it was fun to share that with you here. This page shows the general setup of every project in my sewing journal. On the left page is a sketch of the project,… Continue reading Green Floral Skirt – [KM2019-03 Skirt 103]


Project Bag with fabric by Kaartje van Koosje

I have been using fabric printer Motiflow to print my own fabric for a little under two years now. When I started sewing for Etsy I was limited by my fabric choices, because I saw other sellers use the same 3-4 popular fabrics (foxes anyone?). To make a truly unique product, the fabric should also… Continue reading Project Bag with fabric by Kaartje van Koosje