About me

Hi everyone, I’m Mardie! 29 years old from The Netherlands and crazy about sewing. I sew and wear my own clothing on a weekly basis, and on this blog I am documenting some of my makes.


I started sewing when I was around 14 to create my own medieval dress for a Renaissance fair. It became a sort of yearly tradition to create a costume and attend various events such as Castlefest and Elf Fantasy Fair (now Elfia).

When I moved out to college my Mum gifted me her old sewing machine and then it all really got out of hand… I was making a couple of costumes a year for both myself and friends. While it was a lot of fun I had so little space and so few resources that I did put my sewing machine away during the final two years of college.


It was actually not until I moved in with my boyfriend that I started sewing my own clothing. I couldn’t find anything I liked in the shops, so why not make my own? I taught myself the basics and how to read patterns. Then a BIG commitment came on my path! My best friend asked me to sew 4 matching bridesmaids dresses. I like to think of this commission as the real kickstart of my “sewing career” so to speak!


I also run a small Etsy shop called Hanabachi Creative where I sew travel items made with fabrics I designed myself. It’s really fun and a way to earn a little money on the side so I can buy more fabric LOL!