Pink Tool Belt

Hi everyone! Today I have a bit of a different project for you. As you may know my fiance and I moved to a 1930s home last year. We’re in the process of renovating the attic, and I was looking for tool belts online. All of them were really expensive. So I thought… Could I make my own???

I used this tutorial by @LittleStuff to draft my own tool belt pattern. Honeslty this tutorial is great and has many tips for utility sewing like this project.

After drafting my pattern I got some heavy duty cotton / poly blend that was specifically marked for working gear. Of course I picked pink!

After cutting out all pink pieces, I cut out the lining (same fabric only in black).

I used @LittleStuff’s tips to create voluminous pockets.

I used strips of black polyester twill tape to finish the raw edges, and also installed some rivets because they look cool!

Finally I attached the pockets to the main panel, which I had interfaced with bag interfacing (Vlieseline Decovil I) and lined with the black fabric from before. I finished the edges with the same black twill tape.

It was challenging to stitch the corners, I may have gone over some corners 2-3 times!

I looked at some tool belts online and copied their hammer holder with a piece of double-wide polyester tape used for bag handles. I thought I nailed it pretty well.

I didn’t take a picture of finishing the tops of the pockets, but I just folded them over 4 cm to fit the 4 cm belt tape I used. Then I also installed the clasps on the back, following the manufacturer’s instructions to make them adjustable.

Overall I am really happy with this tool belt! It’s really sturdy and I have since used it a lot. Especially for screws and measuring tape which I kept losing LOL. Also since it’s adjustable, I can make it bigger if I have a bad IBS day.

Also very happy with the hammer holder!

Thank you again for reading, it was a lot of fun to sew something completely different like this!

~ Mardie

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