Quilted Yarn Bag with Makowers STITCH IN TIME fabric

Happy New Year everyone! Today I am sharing a yarn bag that I made from Makower’s “Stitch in Time” fabric. It’s my goal to make an entire sewing room set out of this fabric:

  • Sewing machine cover
  • Serger cover
  • Yarn bag
  • Pin cushion
  • Roll-up crochet hook holder
  • Pressing board (basically a mini ironing board)
  • … and whatever else I can think of!

Here’s two blue Makower fabrics combined with a plain fabric from another brand (sorry can’t remember which one).

And here’s the set with pink Makower fabrics!

I decided to make some rail fence blocks as they are very easy to make and the fabric is already very busy. I started by cutting 4 cm wide, long strips with my rotary cutter.

Then I stitched the blue strips together, with the plain one in the center. I used 0,5cm seam allowance.

Then I cut square blocks measuring 11 by 11 cm and arranged them. After checking I decided to make the base of the bag 3 x 2 squares.

I stitched the plain bottom fabric to the two 3 x 2 stips of blocks. Then I pinned the sides temporarily to check the size. This is meant to hold a medium sized crochet project.

I placed the bag on the quilt batting (I used an 80/20 cotton poly blend) and pinned them using my quilting pins.

Time to quilt! I just used a grid pattern, easy as that!

Time to make the bottom! I folded the side seam onto the center of the bottom piece and measured 8 cm up. Then I simply stiched the bottom and clipped the excess fabric.

Time to make the lining and drawstring closure! I cut two strips of 8 cm wide and a little longer than the top of the bag. I hemmed the short edges, then pressed the strips in half lengthwise and pinned it to the top of the bag. Then I stitched it in place, and installed the lining.

Looking cute!

The lining is a very annoying polyester, very slippery and prone to fraying. For that reason, I left the opening to turn on the outside and stitched it close by hand.

Lastly, I used some cotton string and threaded it through the tunnel. Bag’s now finished!

I’m very happy with this bag as it holds ALL my yarn (for now!). I wouldn’t change a thing about it ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks again for reading!
~ Mardie

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