Christmas Stockings Circle Skirt [Charm Patterns]

Hi everyone! The last sewing project of the year that I wanted to share with you is my Christmas stockings circle skirt.

I used the free Circle Skirt pattern by Charm Patterns. Overall I am very happy with this pattern although next time I will size down to size 18, as the waistband didn’t fit as snugly as I hoped. I recommend checking the finished garment table and measure the finished waistband measurements against your waist to feel the snugness. I also recommend double-checking the length before even ordering fabric. But more about that later!

The fabric is from

After cutting out all the pieces, I started with interfacing. I followed Gertie’s instructions and added a 3cm wide strip of interfacing to the zipper opening. Then I also applied 1cm wide seam tape to the pocket openings. Sadly I ran out of white seam tape so black had to suffice.

I serged the side seams and straight seams of the pockets, then stitchend them together on the regular sewing machine.

I was quite happy with how the zipper turned out! The 3cm wide interfacing really helped.

I stitched the side seams + pockets together. I ended up using a regular zigzag stitch to finish the pockets.

The waist band was also fully stabilized – usually a pattern calls for only half. I did like how sturdy the waistband was after this. I did have some trouble getting the markings to match, don’t know what happened there but in the end the waistband fit perfectly.

Then I cut the lining fabric, which I also serged on the serger using the 3-thread rolled hem setting. This is my favourite way to finish lining pieces. Then I just stitched the side seams together.

I stitched the lining to the other end of the waistband, making sure to match the side seams.

I let the skirt hang out for 24 hours before it was fitting time! The skirt ended up being 16 cm (!) too long for me, which was a bummer because I could have sufficed with 3 meters of fabric! I trimmed the hems of both the skirt and the lining by 14,5 cm, leaving 1,5 cm hem allowance.

I ran the hem edge through the serger again using a lower differential feed. This causes the edge to gather in a little, making circular hems really easy to press, pin and stitch. Which I did!

I attached the hook and bar closure by hand, and also whipstitched the lining to the zipper.


And of course I made a matching face-mask for the 2nd pandemic Christmas!

Bonus project

What to do with the 14,5cm wide stip I trimmed off? Make holiday bunting, of course!

I ended up using this red / white striped fabric with roller skates on it as I thought the stripes were very cute! From a distance you barely see the roller skates.

Now I really am DONE sewing for the year!

I hope you enjoy whatever year-end festivities you have planned, and I want to thank you all again for reading my humble blog. Here’s to 2022 being another great year for sewing!

Many thanks,


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