Happy Holidays + a round Christmas table cloth

To everyone who celebrates, happy holidays! Today I have a short post showing how I made a tablecloth for our round table.

Our table is too large to fit a table cloth on normal 60 inch fabric. And christmas fabric doesn’t come in 120 inch wide! So I had to add an extension – in the round!. It wasn’t that hard – I just folded the cloth in eights and traced the hem, then extended it. It really is the same technique as adding a hem facing, only you extend it the other way.

I stitched the 8 extensions together, then ran its hem under my serger with a low differential feed. This will cause the fabric to gather a little, making it easier to hem.

Then I serged the extensions to the center circle. I made sure to pin it in 16 places and smooth our any differences, which were inevitable working with cheap poplin and bias cuts. Never complaining about pinning skirts to bodices again!

Finally, I pressed the hem towards the extensions and topstitched it down so it would lay flat on the table.

The result! I am very happy with it, it has the right length hanging over the edge of the table. I also like the low-contrast and small print so it doesn’t look like a total hysterical christmas time LOL!

Thanks again for reading,


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