Pandemic Makes of 2021

So uuh… the pandemic, right??? I have been neglecting this blog but today I was cleaning up my phone and found lots of pictures of my makes of the last couple of months. In April I took on a temporary job helping the vaccine campaign, and my sewing studio finally re-opened so blogging was not on my mind. I also had a bit of a sewing rut from August to October where I didn’t actually sew a thing. Anyway, here’s what I did manage to make over the past couple of months:

My makes of April – December 2021

First up I made the Anything But Basic Tee by DIBY Club, which was a freebie for signing up to their website. While the instructions and size range are wonderful, the tee doesn’t quite fit me well yet, especially in the sleeves. Goes to show that even an easy T-shirt pattern can require alterations!

I used the same pattern for a pajama top, but made it a little shorter. I now wish I didn’t as it’s quite a strange length – not long enough to tuck but short enough to ride up while sitting. Alas! – I don’t have more of this fabric.

The pants however are an absolute dream, it is Knipmode 1611-04 but I made normal inseam pockets instead of topstitched pockets. The double elastic waist is very comfortable and it has a lot of room in the upper leg so it actually feels like a pair of pants instead of leggings.

I had a vision of a little black dress and even purchased the Knipmode LBD special. I drafted a new base block for my may 2021 measurements and settled on a fitted bodice with A-line top, no sleeves. I then bought the absolute worst fabric for this design – a thick diamond double jersey with 0 flow and easy to snag. Due to the tickness of the fabric the neckline sits very weird on me. I did wear it a couple of times but I’m just waiting to donate it LOL!

I made the dress again 2 months later, in a scuba crepe with these adorable flowers. This turned out to be a great choice but I mis-cut the fabric leading to piecing in the shoulders. Oh well! The fabric was very nice and cool to wear during summer. I was expecting 40C weather again but it never came! Oh well, I will have a nice cool summer dress next year.

In August, September and October I did not do any sewing. When November came my wardrobe was not ready so I hastily cut this black XL cardigan out of a double knit cable jersey I had in my stash for 3 years. Then I spectacularly botched the neck band causing it to stretch and wave around the diagonal edge of the cardigan. Overall it’s a really nice , warm piece (I call it my Harry Potter cardigan) but I may rip out and re-stitch the neckband at some point.


Last year, I scored this navy trench coat second-hand. I was always really bothered by the small pockets, they couldn’t even fit a phone + wallet. So I ripped them out and replaced them!

I used this super cute lining fabric with birds I had in my stash – and of course managed to snap a picutre of the ONE piece that had the birds upside-down!

Anyway, that’s that! I still have 6 projects for which I have more in-depth pics so I may be uploading those during the winter holidays, or maybe over the next couple of months. At least next week I’ll have my Christmas sewing post up! PROMISE ๐Ÿคž

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