Loose Threads – April 2021

Hi all! On this post I’ll share some random bits and pieces I’ve sewn over the last couple of weeks.

First up, I FINALLY hemmed the wrap-top dress that I already mentioned MONTHS ago. Out of sight, out of mind I guess! It was shoved into the back of a WIP box and I just never got around to it. Now that it’s finished, I am actually very happy with the fit of this pattern and will definitely make another with this version.

Part of my 2021 closet purge / abandoning WIPS is trying to finish my WIPS and use up fabrics. This is a really fun smocked Punta di Roma, which reminds me of Italian renaissance dresses. I am making a historybounding dress with a square neckline but just never drafted the facing for it and thus it sat abandoned in a WIP bin.

This month I actually drafted, cut and stitched the facing in place, woo!

I also made some cushion covers out of this hilarious tropical bird velvet.

I also bought some new striped lemon viscose fabric and it came wrapped so cute with a little thank-you note! I never receive fabric like this, usually it’s tossed in a plastic mailer and this just made my entire day. So I thought to share it here 🙂

Finally, I re-organized and re-folded all of my fabrics and sorted them by colour. This took almost 2 full afternoons but in the end I really like how clean my fabric storage looks. I was also able to go over everything I own, and decided to let go of many fabrics on @sewmardie_destash

Do you go through your fabrics every year and purge what you no longer need? Or are you a mega fabric hoarder?

Thanks again for reading!
~ Mardie

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