Closet Cleanout & Wardrobe Planning 2021 (+ abandoning WIPS)

I’ve been taking another long look at my wardrobe and decided I needed to plan it with a bit more cohesion. Weird, you may say, as I am still furloughed and spend all my time at home, seeing no one and doing nothing except for teaching one Zoom class a week. Still, to get me out of the pandemic funk I thought it would be fun to plan my wardrobe.

Step 1 was to do a big closet cleanout! A lot of me-made clothes didn’t make the cut! I feel like my general fed-upness for the pandemic has found its way into the rest of my everyday life. Everything that made me unhappy or not looking forward to fixing HAD TO GO!

TWO bags full this time! I almost felt a little guilty tossing these in the clothing recycling bin… What was in them, you may ask…?

ALL OF THESE! Are you as shocked as I am!? But honestly it felt GREAT to rid myself of all of these garments that had a reason to make me unhappy. Mostly fit issues, or using cheap fabric that did not held up in the wash. I hope they find their way to a better home and since they all have my label maybe they even make it back to my blog somehow LOL!

Abandoned 2020 projects

I also binned two UFO’s, one of which is this LMV Romina dress that was released as a limited free pattern in 2019. I do really love the pattern but the fabric is just such a terrible, delicate viscose, I am so unhappy with how it cuts and sews up… It has a big gash somewhere near center front. And the fabric wasn’t cheap either! I tried serging it but once it ate the fabric I binned the entire dress and I felt SO RELIEVED.

Another binned project is this lemon dress, I honestly really love the fabric and the finishing (full lining with facings) but the fit is bad on me. I may be able to save the skirt (not pictured) and wear it with a black viscose pussycat bow blouse. And cut the waistband out of this bodice LOL!

How are you with me-made items or UFO’s that you are unhappy with? Do you hang on to them for years or are you as bin-happy as I am?

Planning my new wardrobe!

Then it was time to review what was left of my wardrobe, and plan around it. I started with Pinterest (of course) and freely browsed some vintage style ideas, also looking for plus size options but finding them pretty hard to find. After about 30 minutes of browsing and clicking anything that caught my eye, I went back to my board. I started to remove things that felt out of place, or duplicated (how many black flower dresses does one need?). Then I was left with a very concise, vintage-style wardrobe!

I am very happy with this style moving forward and I already purchased materials for the white blouse, red/white pinstriped dress and French-style pinstriped shirt. Hopefully I’ll be back with you soon with some updates!

Again, thanks for reading!
~ Mardie

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