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Loose Threads – February 2021

So… it’s 2021 already. I haven’t sewn a lot since December because my Mum passed away on Dec 10th, 2020. It’s been difficult adjusting to the “new normal” with her passing, the pandemic and being furloughed. Sewing was the last thing on my mind these past few month. I thought I would update regardless, with another “loose threads” post with all kinds of small updates.

It was my 30th birthday on the 9th of February so I treated myself to a new pair of hot pink fabric scissors and matching jumbo seam ripper! I wrapped it in lemon gift paper, because when life gives you lemons etc. etc.

My sisters prepared an amazing gift basket for me with booze, snacks and a flamingo fleece house robe. t was so great to still do a little celebration of my 30th even though *gestures at everything*.

The robe, it’s super soft and warm. One of the few non-me-made-pieces in my wardrobe!

And back in December I got a lovely care package from my friends too! Isn’t everyone just lovely? I felt really taken care of!

Molly was not a fan of the alpaca though!

I did a little cross stitch for my sister’s new apartment (pattern by Junebug & Darlin)…

.. and stitched a small shower curtain to protect the wood trim in the bathroom (I know who installs a 100% wood windowsill and trim in a BATHROOM???).

Love Notions Laundry Day Tunic

I was so happy with the Laundry Day High / Low dress I made last year that I immediatly made another, although this time tunic-length dress. Here you can se a downside of using 60″fabric – there is a lot of waste. You can fix this by picking a fabric that does not have an obnoxious 50s sailor girl pattern, though!

It looks really long on the dummy but the Tunic length actually hits the mid-thigh quite nicely.

I just love my labels, I really do! I also saw a Pinterest tip to start stitching in the shoulder seam so the back neckline is nice and neat when hung on a clothes hanger.

Again very happy with the fit, I mentioned last time I was going to do a small FBA and all I did was draw some extra room in the armscye and now it’s pretty much perfect. I also love the 3/4th sleeve length I did on this. And the neckline is pretty much perfect too, it does not gape as I did a narrow chest adjusment. If you have a big bust and gaping problems on the neckline, try this narrow chest adjustment for youself, it works wonders!

Another close-up of the obnoxious fabric. I mean, with the pandemic and all I just want to wear fun comfortable clothes that make me happy!

Thanks again for reading,

~ Mardie

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