MEGA Sea Pancake (pattern by Beezee ART)

Hi everyone! Christmas has come and gone so fast and it’s already 2021 again! A lot has happened for me in December so I took a 3-week sewing break. I did want to share the Christmas present I made for my boyfriend: a mega sea pancake!

What is a sea pancake? It’s a stingray, but it’s made of pancake, maple syrup and butter! Of course such a creature is from the land of fantasy, yet I thought it was a hilarious idea to make for my BF, who already owns 2 handmade plushies, a yellow squid and a platypus. A sea pancake will fit right in.

The pattern I used is the Beezee ART Stingray Digital Sewing Pattern, enlarged to 250%. I just used my PDF reader to do that and it worked out fine!

Here is the bottom piece – I ran out of green paper so the final two print had to be in blue.

I used a beige coloured fleece for the outside. I cut two top pieces and one tail piece, making sure the arrow points with the fabric nap (the little hairs on minky and fleece fabrics).

For the bottom I chose a soft bobble minky. Sadly it’s hard to find plain minky in The Netherlands, but this is fine (and SO SOFT!).

I was really impressed with the pattern, it shows every step in detail, has lots of information for beginners and even tips on what type of fabrics to use, materials etc. A+ pattern!

I stitched the tail together, one fleece and one minky. I was happy to already have some experience with minky, and I cut it a little bigger to prevent shifting.

Following the pattern I stitched the top together, leaving an opening. I used a water soluble pen to mark the eye and topstitch placement.

Then I stitched the top and bottom together with the tail piece on the bottom. I mean, where else would it go?

I was gifted these fleece dots by a friend for a project I never finished. I now feel this is the best hack ever! When I made my octopus plushie a couple of years ago, I noticed the eyes were not very secure in the type of fleece I used. These felt dots work wonderfully in keeping the safety eye in place.

I clipped around the stingray shape, turned it inside out and topstitched the wings. In hindsight I wish I used another layer of fleece for the wings, they feel very thin compared to the body.

I stuffed the body with Panda 100% polyester filling.

Then I hand-stitched the opening closed using a ladder stitch.

For the maple syrup I grabbed thee brown pieces of ployester felt, and decided on the one on the left.

I pinned the felt on the stingray and free-handed the shape using a Sharpie.

I cut the felt into shape, making sure to also trim away the Sharpie markings. I also added two pieces of butter. We never eat pancakes like this in The Netherlands (I’m an apple and bacon kinda gal), but it’s such an iconic look!

Hand-stitched all felt applications on while watching the Brand Mondo of piercings – Roly!

And there she is! She is so cute! And really big!

I was unsure about the eye size at first, but with these 20mm eyes she looks really kawaii!

The underside is SOOO soft.. I need to make a mini quilt and just keep it in my pocket!

Of course I added my label to the sea pancake, because why not!

And here it is, all wrapped up to spend a couple of days under the Christmas tree. My boyfriend really loved his handmade gift and named her Patty the Sea Pancake!

It’s now been a couple weeks since Christmas and uh… seems like Patty was pregnant! She spawned all of these cuties! We really need to rehome them soon in my Etsy shop LOL!

Thanks again for reading,
~ Mardie

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