Love Notions Laundry Day Tee – High/Low Cowl Dress

Merry Christmas everyone! Today I am posting my Christmas make – I usually make a fancy dress but there’s not a lot of festivity about this year’s Christmas, or Coronamas as it’s been dubbed! I decided to make a comfy house dress using the Love Notions Laundry Day Tee pattern (which happens to be on sale today!).

I printed out the entire pattern as I think I will be using it a lot and I wanted all options. For the record, there are different versions to choose from like a T-shirt, tunic and dress, with different sleeve lengths and necklines.

I decided to make the dress with the cowl neck, and adjust the long sleeve to a 5/8th sleeve which is my preferred sleeve option.

I did a narrow chest adjustment of 1 inch / 2,5 cm. Here is what it looks like on the back panel.

Here’s the same adjustment on the front panel. Note that I did not do a full bust adjustment, as the pattern includes a full bust front panel and I figured it would fit me just fine! The armscye is steep, isn’t it!

As I adjusted the neckline by 4″ or 10 cm in total, I had to make the same adjustment to the cowl. I just found the quarter points and drew a line parallel to the fold and side seam. Then I did the same adjustment twice.

Here’s the fabric I used, a really cute cotton jersey with little winter / Christmas themed ornaments.

… but I had originally purchased it to make pajama pants, so I did not have enough for the full dress! I opted to make the high-low version instead, and had to cut the back panel with a back seam.

I also could not fit the cowl on the fold – let alone twice! So this one also needed a center front seam. Boo!

Luckily I had a scrap of red Punta di Toma (nylon jersey) left, which I used for the cowl lining.

It was actually the exact same color as the details in the original fabric!

…and then time suddenly flew by and I had to return to the studio the day before Christmas to finish it. I did not take any more pictures, but here is the result! I really love it! The cowl is nice and warm, the length is great on me and the fit is 90% perfect with only a narrow chest adjustment. Next time I will make a slight FBA and shorten the dress somewhat, but overall I am looking forward to spend my winter break lounging around in these!

Bonus project

I also made a turtleneck in this cute Nordic style knit, from a pattern by Dr. Cosplay.

This came together in 3 hours including taping, tracing and cutting the pattern.

Sadly it does not fit the intended recipient (my BF) so I have gifted it to the partner of a friend. At least I got to test the patttern.

Anyway, happy holidays to you all! I have one more post scheduled for this year and then it’s already 2021! Hopefully next year will be better for all of us…

Thanks again for reading,

~ Mardie

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