Cherry Pajama Pants (with POCKETS!)

Hi all! Not a lot of sewing happened in November. I did start 3 new dresses but did not work on them beyond cutting the fabric. I did manage to squeeze in these pajama pants though! They were done in two afternoons, one to cut and sew the pants, and one afternoon to put the elastic waistband on and hem the legs.

The fabric is a cotton tricot with 95% collon, 5% elastan from De Lappenkraam.

I used a pattern from an old pair of pajama pants I copied to paper. I did change the lag to taper out instead of taper in, because those old pajama pants had always felt more like leggings.

I drafted some pockets too, because I need a place for my phone!

I designed the pockets to be stitched together with the waistband. This prefents the pocket from moving to the back leg.

Of course I used seam tape to reinforce the pocket openings.

Then I understitched the pockets.

With right sides together, I stitched the crotch seam of the two front panels, and the crotch seam of the two back panels. Then I placed the front pants on the back, right sides together.

Then I stitched both side seams, going around the pockets. Finally I stitched the inseam from ankle to crotch to ankle.

Then I did a fitting and the pants were pretty much perfect! Just a little long. However the pocket openings were not super neat, which is to be expected with a serger. The corner is just too sharp!

I measured 8 centimeters up from the lower edge of the pocket, and stitched right next to the serger seam with a normal sewing machine. This makes the pocket opening smaller and a lot neater in my opinion.

I added the waistband and elatic. However I am not happy with the type of elastic I used as it is very stiff. I’ll need to replace it some day.

The pants were SUPER long, so much that I could make a 12cm hem if I wanted to, but the legs taper out so it was diffucult to get a nice wide hem.

I used my serger to cut the hem back to 6 cm.

Then I folded a double 3cm hem which I basted in place. Laugh all you want, I am alway basting my hems, even on some pajama pants!

After hemming using a twin needle, the pants were done!

Really love these big pockets!

Adding my label in the center back, and also stitching the elastic in place over the center back seam of the waistband. This helps the elastic stay put.

Now it’s winter I am happy to wear these comfy pajama pants around the house!

Thanks again for reading,

~ Mardie

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