Lace Bridal Face Mask

Hi all! It’s been a while since I uploaded. I have started many new projects since my last post but haven’t really finished one yet. Plus I have been busy working and sewing face masks. But today I decided to share a little commission I did for a lace bridal face mask.

The bride was a friend of a friend and asked for a cream lace face mask. Here is the image I received showing the shade of cream compared to a white shieet of paper, but I didn’t feel condifent choosing based on just this. I send her 5 sample laces to compare to her shoer (dress was still in alterations) and she picked this Blooming Flowers lace.

I used a white cotton I had left from sewing regular face masks and tea-dyed it to match the lace.

Here you can see the difference in shade – much better than the stark white I started with.

I pinned the face mask shape to the lace. In real life the difference was much less obvious!

I put the lace + mask in my embroidery hoop and started hand-stitching the lace to the cotton to make sure it did not shift. The lace was way more elastic than I anticipated, so this step was time-consuming but necessary.

One side done, another to go!

The mask shrunk a little after stitching, as you can see here.

Sewing them together was no different from sewing a normal mask. The machine did have some topstitching issues, I had to go really slow or the foot would catch on the lace.

I also made a plain dark blue one for the groom!

The bride and groom were very happy – they did not need them on the wedding day itself, but it was nice to have them in case regulations would change. They got married on the 29th of August 🙂

All in all this was a fun commission to do – working with lace is a lot different from regular fabric! I was happy I decided to topstitch the lace down, it gave everything a very clean look.

Thanks again for reading,

~ Mardie

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