Hawaii Fake Wrap Dress

Hi all! Here is a project I finished last month but I never got around to snapping a picture of the final dress. This is the second year in a row to have a massive heat wave in The Netherlands with temperatures up to 35Β°C in August. I needed a light summer dress so I purchased some printed batist (light cotton) from Budgetstoffen, which has since sold out.

I wanted to make a wrap dress, but a fake one. So the skirt and top would look like it wraps over, but it’s actually stitched to an elastic waistband.

I decided to try some slash ‘n spread to make a wider sleeve. Here is the pattern I made for that. In hindsight I should have raised the sleeve cap, the sleeves ended up fitting quite badly.

For the skirt, I used one long 120 x 60 cm rectangle as a back panel, and for the front I used two 75 x 60 cm rectangles. I stitched a narrow hem in both front panels, and overlapped them by 15 cm. I basted this overlap into place and stitched the side seams of the skirt.

I stitched the shoulder and side seams of the bodice, and the side seams of the sleeves. Then I gatheres the sleeves and stitched them in place. Finally I hemmed the neckline with a narrow 0.5 cm hem (I didn’t take pictures of this step).

I made some belt loops and pinned them to the outer waistband.

I then stiched the outer and inner waistband to the skirt, and flipped them up. This step secured the lower edges of the belt loops in between the skirt and waistband.

I basted the top edge of the belt loops to the waistband, and then staystiched all around. The fabric was so slipperly I was afraid I would not get a nice result with just the serger.

Of course I stitched a belt too, these are two 120 cm wide strips stitched together and topstitched.

I had sooo much trouble with the machine tension, but after I started using a microtex needle it was a little better.

I added the top to the waistband, then topstitched extra reinforcing seams on the belt loops. As you can see most of them are really crooked, especially this on on the center front! But I just couldn’t bring myself to redo them…

As I used three rectangles for the skirt, the hem needed to be marked by my skirt hemmer and then cut back to 1,5 cm. I stiched a small rolled hem with the walking foot, but it still managed to be wonky. Oh well.

Label on the outside so it doesn’t irritate my neck!

And here is a picture from Snapchat (hence the black bar, it was just saying Dress is Done! in Dutch). I am not at all happy with this dress and even though I will wear it this summer, I am not sure I will hang on to it a lot. Still, I wanted to share this dress because it might inspire someone to use the same technique to make a fake wrap dress!

I’m going to try again next time with a different pattern!

Thanks again for reading,

~ Mardie

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