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Loose Threads – Moving House & a Handmade Housewarming Gift

I haven’t posted in a while, and that is because we have been busy moving house! Early March we viewed a gorgeous 1935 home in Bodegraven, The Netherlands. We have been house hunting on an off for about three years, and this was the 5th or 6th house we viewed since January 2020.

The house is very spacious with 2 bedrooms and an attic that can be converted to a 3rd bedroom. It also has a sizeable garden, something we really missed in our apartment on the 4th floor.

We ended up falling in love with this 1935 home and put in our offer on Friday the 13th (!), and to our absolute surprise it was accepted less than a week later!

At the same time, The Netherlands went into lockdown due to the coronavirus. I had an emergency meeting with the sewing studio I work at and we decided to postpone all courses indefinitely, and therefore I would lose my income indefinitely too as I am self-employed.

You can imagine the roller coaster of feelings I went through. I ended up being out of work from March 15 to June 15, but I can’t complain much as it did free my hands to pack and organise most of the move. My partner worked 40+ hours weekly to ensure our income (he’s self-employed too) and my “job” during that time was pack, pack pack!

We moved on the 25th of April, and I am just so happy to be here. No more noisy upstairs neighbours, dirty elevators and loud music at night. The neighbourhood is very peaceful and close to shops and the train station. Honestly this is a winning lottery ticket. We are looking forward to making this house our home.

And of course, I hear you ask, where will my sewing room be? We designated the 2nd bedroom to be a guest room with a corner for my sewing stuff! Look at those amazing doors to the front balcony. I’m going to enjoy having a little corner here! For now it is my partner’s home office as he still works from home.

Housewarming gift

My Aunt made the gorgeous Rozeta throw CAL from Scheepjes, and gifted it to me as a housewarming gift. I could not be more excited!

The colours are gorgeous and remind me of stained glass, a feature often found in 1930s homes. Sadly our house does not have the original windows, but I won’t complain as the double-glass windows save a ton on heating costs.

You can find my Aunt’s work online at ProLine Deco. She does embroidered shirts on demand and also lots of Silhouette Cricut stuff, it’s really fun!

Loomer (2005 – 2020)

To add to all things happening, our family cat Loomer was put to sleep on March 11. Here’s a picture of him in better times. His health had declined over the past couple of months and he wasn’t eating any more. It’s very sad when you have to put a pet to sleep, and doubly so because my sister and I were unable to come say goodbye to him due to the coronavirus. My other sister was with him until the end so he was not alone. I’m happy the vet allowed one family member to stay and grateful for my sister for taking that burden.

I’ve felt guilty about not saying goodbye to Loomer for a long time. The last time I saw him was in February for my birthday and despite looking worn, thin and tired, he was so happy to sit on my lap again.

I’m going to miss Loomer a lot, he was a great cat and blessed us with his presence for 15 years.

Anway, let’s wrap this post up. I haven’t really found my sewjo yet in the new house, but I will post some projects again soon.

Thanks again for reading,

~ Mardie

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