Baby Shower Gifts

Hey all! I’ve been busy sewing masks this month so I don’t really have a lot to post about on this blog. BUT I did make a baby shower gift for my friend who sadly had to cancel her party due to the coronavirus. Luckily the postal services still work as normal so I’d thought I’d sew up some nice baby accessories for her!

I started out with a couple of half yards I purchased at De Stoffenkraam: 100% cotton poplin, ocher yellow waffle cotton and printed mousseline (double gauze). I did not pre-wash them because I wanted the mom-to-be to wash them herself with her own detergent so baby wouldn’t have sensitivities.

After purchasing I saw the mom-to-be posted a baby register and it had mostly mint green in it. I decided to not make baskets out of the ocher yellow but to use the mint ones I made for a video. You can see them in my last Loose Threads post.

For the other items I settled on 3 burp cloths, 3 bibs, 3 large cloths, 3 small cloths and 3 wash cloths, all from the printed mousseline fabric.

I also used an extra soft cotton towel as the backing. It was easier to purchase these in a store than to wait for terrycloth online. The pattern I’m using for these burp cloths are Sweet Red Poppy’s Baby Burp Cloths. What I liked most about this pattern is the size – I mean a burp cloth can’t be big enough, right?

The second pattern I used is the free pattern from Busy Bee Fabrics. I liked how it has two snaps so you can adjust the bib to size.

Assenbly was very similar for the terrycloth-backed items. I stitched the outer fabrics together, clipped the round curves, turned and pressed the bibs and burp cloths.

Then I topstitched all around. This was quite difficult as both the terrycloth and mousseline want to shift sideways and up all the time! Actually after doing 2 bibs I changed to my walking foot and that solved the problem.

I used plastic snaps and my Prym snap tool to assemble them. These are actually really sturdy!

The large and small cloths were just rectangles (60 x 60 cm and 40 x 40 cm) so I added my label to the big ones while doing a small rolled hem. I bought the wrong rolled hem foot that doesn’t fit on my machine so I had to roll the hems bi hand, which is fine because I usually take more time fussing with the rolled hem foot anyway!

After two afternoons sewing, everything was done! Here’s the whole gift basket laid out πŸ™‚

I didn’t photograph making the wash cloths, but they are lined with terrycloth so they’ll be soft and foamy.

The burb cloths are going to be so handy, just pop 1 in your diaper bag, 1 for upstairs in the nursery and 1 downstairs for the changing pad there. That’s the reason I made 3 of each!

You can never have enough cloths LOL!

Thanks again for reading, my friend was very happy with her gift! I love being able to give handmade things. And it was a good excuse to work with super cute fabric that I otherwise don’t get to use πŸ™‚

Thanks again for reading!

~ Mardie

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