Kitty Surprise Skirt

Hey all! Today I am bringing you a post from a while ago – November 2019 to be exact. I never really finished this skirt but now that I have some time on hands I was finally able to. And honestly all I had to do was hand-stitch the lining to the zipper. This took me a whopping 6 months LOL!

I used the same pattern as my green floral skirt, only I made it slightly shorter and drafted a new waistband (the old one was quite high for me and would fold over all the time).

All pieces cut. This one also has pockets! I serged all around every piece. I prefer working like this when I have side seam pockets.

I won’t bore you with another side seam pocket post, I just stitched them in the same way I do with most of my skirts and dresses. Then I stitched the front to back panels, and the front and back panels of the waistband and facing. I basted and stitched in the skirt pleats. I stitched them in quite a bit lower (2cm?). Then I stitched the facing to the skirt. You can see here I did not have enough black interfacing so I used white.

I understitched the facing at 3mm from the edge. This prevents the facing from rolling over to the right side.

Did you think I would make a boring black skirt? I picked up this hilarious lining fabric at the fabric market. It has white kitties on a black background.

Instead of pleating the lining, I decided to gather it for more fullness. Here I am stitching the gathered lining to the skirt facing.

Stabilizing the zipper opening with seam tape – this one I DID have plenty of in black!

Basting the invisible zipper by hand, I find that taking a little more time hear will prevent a lot of headaches and seam ripping down the line.

The match was good enough for me at this point LOL

The fabric I picked for the skirt is cotton satin stretch. I worked with this before on my tulip dress. One thing I found difficult about this fabric is the slight stretch that warps the hem. That’s why I decided to try bias tape binding for the hem.

After stitching the bias tape on, I trimmed the hem allowance and turned / pressed the tape to the back. Then I switched to twin needles and stitched the hem in place.

Then I decided to topstitch the waistband – and that’s where the project went downhill. I unpicked it so many times and the machine just kept skipping stitches. I ended up switching to an 80 Microtex needle and it finally looked decent.

I tried using the rolled hem foot and it was a total disaster – the kitty fabric is so thin and slippery it kept rolling out of the foot. In the end I combined the rolled hem foot and a zigzag stitch for the most even hem possible. I did struggle and unpick for over an hour, though!

I had the same problem when trying to stitch the lining to the zipper. Somehow it just kept pushing itself away or puckering. I unpicked it twice, then gave up.

Here I was pretty happy, almost finished! “Let’s take it home and hand-sew the lining to the zipper!” That was 6 months ago LOL…

I did take some pics of the hems – the zigzag hem on the kitty skirt is not that offensive, really.

And here is the result! I am very happy to have a basic but not BORING black skirt in my wardrobe! And am also very happy to have finished another thing from my WIP pile πŸ™‚

Thanks again for reading,

~ Mardie

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