Loose Threads – Mask Sewing, Working from Home & Finishing WIPS

It’s been a while since I updated this blog. As you all might know the coronavirus pandemic is really slowing things down across the world. The Netherlands announced a lockdown on March 15th, urging all non-essential businesses to close. I had to cancel the courses I was teaching for the time being. Fortunately my boyfriends was able to work at home so we don’t lose both our incomes. Being a self-employed couple can be stressful at times!

Working from home

I decided to make myself useful and sew some fabric masks. Mask wearing is not recommended in The Netherlands (the expert are actually discouraging them) but I had two requests from elderly / palliative care workers who had no other options for protection.

Here’s the first batch of 20. I ended up making another 25. Then I saw on the news that Auping, the mattress firm, is changing its production line and can now produce up to 1 million masks a month. So I decided I did my part and ceased mask making. It felt good to help in a tangible way but you have to be sensible about the time and material you are investing in when a larger company can make WAY more.

Yet these elderly / palliative care workers are at the bottom of the list for these masks. So I wrapped them all up and send them off. They were very well received!

Youtube videos

I also started making sewing videos! They are in Dutch and up on Handwerstudio Leiden’s channel. It was a lot of fun to figure out how to film, edit and do voice-over for a sewing video. They cannot replace the full course but I hope they might help some people out.

Here’s another really cute project I filmed for the channel. These fabric baskets are very popular to use in nurseries, but I’m just going to keep these myself!

Finishing WIPS

On March 15th I closed my sewing studio due to the coronavirus. It was a very sudden but necessary decision. I didn’t think to bring any fabric or patterns home, and I did not want to use public transportation to return. So now I LITERALLY HAD NO EXCUSE to finish this WIP – replacing the elastic in my dragonfly dress.

Cross Stitch & Crochet

I did have materials to start a new cross stitch using the floral border pattern by DMC. I am still thinking of a funny / snarky quote to put in the centre.

I also returned to crocheting! Here’s me starting the crochet succulent series from Yarn Plaza.

IT DOES LOOK LIKE MY PLANTS!!! Hahahaha! I am kidding, it needs some floral wire to look like an actual snake plant.

Then I caved and bought some fabric anyway. I didn’t want to add any more stress to the postal service, but I cannot return to the studio any time soon and I just wanted to make something with all this time on my hands. Both fabrics are from Budget Stoffen, left is cotton and right is a viscose mix. The left one will be a shirt dress, and the one on the right I might turn into a sarong dress if I can find the right pattern. I’ll have to draft a new block but I needed to do that anyway.

That’s all I really have for this week!

Thanks again for reading,


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