My Entire Handmade Wardrobe (April 2020)

Hi all! As many of you I am also at home practicing social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. This means I do not go to work (I work from home as much as I can) and limit my supermarket / errands to once a week. I planned on using this time to tidy up our house and finally take proper pictures of all my makes!

Below are all items I made from 2018 until now. I don’t have blog posts for all of them – if you are curious to see the assembly you can find links to them on my Wardrobe page. In time I will update these pictures as well.

There are a couple of items from that Wardrobe page that don’t appear on this list. Sadly not all my makes held up in the wash and I had already put these away for recycling earlier this year. Alas, sometime you just don’t know what will happen to a type of fabric after 1-2 years of wear!

Anyway, here is a current reflection of my wardrobe. I wear all my pieces regularly.


  1. Black blouse with flounce (2020)
  2. Star Trek hoodie for BF (2019)
  3. Sloth cowl neck T-shirt (2019)
  4. Hot pink doves T-shirt (2019)
  5. Mushroom cowl neck T-shirt (2019)
  6. Unicorn hoodie (2018)


1) Black cotton sateen with kitty lining (2020)
2) Dutch skirt (2019)
3) Gamer pajama pants for BF (2019)
4) Sloth skirt (2019)
5) Skirt from self-drafted basic skirt block (2018)


1) Blue jacquard dress with cowl neck (2020)
2) Emerald green maxi-length velours dress (2019)
3) Green floral wrap dress (2019)
4) Tulip sleeveless dress (2019)
5) Avocado sleeveless summer dress (2019)
6) Chevron dress with square neckline (2019)
7) Stenzo pink cotton dress with cowl neck (2019)
8) Parrot cowl neck dress (2018)
9) Simply Sew Grace dress in striped cactus seersucker (2018)
10) Shirt dress (2018)
11) Silver velvet dress with cowl neck (2018)
12) Christmas kitty dress (2018)


  1. Lobster pajamas (2019)

Thanks again for reading!

~ Mardie

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