Blue Jacquard Dress with Cowl Neckline

Hi all! Here’s a dress I made a while ago but never got around to taking a worn picture. I started this dress at the end of January after scoring a bag full of blue and black jacquard fabrics on Facebook. It was my first experience buying fabrics second hand on Facebook and the lady I bought it from was very friendly and shipped fast. I spend €30 ($32) for 3 coupons of fabric all 2.5m long, and 2 smaller coupons. One of the larger pieces was used for the dress in today’s post πŸ™‚

I drew a new version of my cowl neckline as I wanted it to be a little deeper and more voluminous.

These cute donut paperweights were made by the daughter of one of my course takers. Aren’t they the cutest??

The bodice all finished! I didn’t take too many pictures as the construction is very similar to my other cowl neck projects. I simply hemmed the front neckline and finished the back neck with bias tape of the same fabric. Then I stitched the princess seams of the front panel, then front panel to back panel at the side seams. The final step was setting in the sleeves.

Because of the pattern on the fabric I chose a rectangle skirt instead of a half circle skirt. I stitched the side seams of front and back skirt panel. Then I gathered the top edge and serged it to the bodice.

Top and bodice together. Sadly I did not have enough fabric for pockets, but as the fabric is kind of thin it would have just added too much bulk IMHO.

I did a quick fit and I quite liked the look of the dress when worn with a belt. Yet the belt kept shifting so I decided to make some belt loops.

Belt loops attached, and they work great!

Finally, I added my label. Another dress done!

Final result!

And here’s the archive picture for it. The fabric is very drape-y so it looks like the front is too long. When I wear it however, it is perfectly straight. Funny how some things look really different on a hanger.

I have worn this dress a lot of times, it’s one of my favorite pieces! And all that from a Facebook Marketplace sale πŸ™‚

Thanks again for reading,

~ Mardie

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