Loose Threads: Birthday Gifts, New Labels & A Petticoat

Hi all! I haven’t been posting much in February because I was working really hard on a quilt, for which I will make a separate 3-part post later this month. I haven’t done any sewing besides that but I do have sewing-related things to talk about so here I am ๐Ÿ˜‰

It was my birthday on the 9th and my aunt got me this amazing pair of scissors with my name on it! Thank you Studio Woord en Draad for making these for me ๐Ÿ˜€

I went interior shopping yet found this AMAZING curtain fabric with lemons that I absolutely needed. I bought 3 meters of it and I want to make a summer dress. The fabric is quite stiff but after washing it turned out to be fine.

To prepare for my summer dress I had to make a new bodice block as I gained weight and the old one was kind of tight. I ended up actually grading the old one up 1 size and made some other minor adjustments it needed. Now I have a new, fitting bodice block with very little effort! On the picture is me making the muslin.

I ordered some more cotton fabric from Driessen Stoffen because I am totally down to make multiple summer dresses out of the same pattern, only with different necklines and details. This cute strawberry cotton is going to be paired with the bright red, not sure how yet (bows? ties?). I sort of wanted the mint colourway one more, but was afraid the red would clash too much. We’ll see how the beige colourway looks on me.

I received a free magazine with my order because it was the online shop’s birthday! Wee! I am actually planning to make the blouse on the front page ๐Ÿ™‚ After copying that pattern I will give the magazine away because it has a lot of teen patterns in it that I won’t use.

This is another thing I just had to have. For years and years I wanted a petticoat but could never find an affordable one in a plus size. Now that I’m a freaking adult I can just buy a more expensive one with my birthday money! It’s a Hell Bunny “short” petticoat but it is knee-lenght on me. So maybe even a little too long LOL.

I wore it with some of my dresses already and it absolutely elevated the look. I love it. I’m scared to wear it outside. I’m going to save up for a black one too.

My aunt also asked me where I had my labels printed, which reminded me I wanted some side-seam labels too to use next to my woven sew-in labels. I think I made a really cute design with my face on it ๐Ÿ™‚ These were purchased from Cotton Trends.

And finally a sneak peek at the quilt that took up most of February. I loved sewing the binding by hand but I sure am happy the rest was machine pieced and machine quilted LOL!

Thanks again for reading, I will be posting more regularly this month,

~ Mardie

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