Lobster Pajamas

I haven’t been sewing a lot this month but I did manage to get one project done that’s been on my list for forever – new pajamas. I love all those weird printed children’s knits out there and when I found this lobster knit at the November fabric market I knew I had to have it for pajamas.

I also got this super cute puffin knit! My boyfriend and I visited Puffin Island in Northern Ireland a couple of years ago and they reminded me of that. They only had 1.5 meter left so not enough for pajamas (or even pajama pants for me) so they might become another T-shirt in the future.

I didn’t do a great job at documenting the process, but there’s only so many pictures I can take of a pattern pinned to fabric. Mostly because I bought too little fabric and puzzled with the pattern pieces for over an hour before giving up and cutting the pockets from some plain hot pink fabric instead. Here you see them pinned to a front panel of the pants.

The pants pattern are an old pair of pajama pants that graciously fell apart just after buying the fabric in November. The top is the Jodie T-shirt from La Maison Victor. I changed the sleeves to 3/4 and opted for a round neck last-minute.

Back to the pockets. I actually zigzagged the edge instead of using my serger. I feel like you have more control over the seam that way. I also trimmed the seam after zigzagging to reduce bulk.

Understitching the front pockets keeps them in place in the side seam.

I serged the side seam and pocket seam in one go. Then I went back in and stitched down the pocket openings by ~ 5 cm. The pocket openings will look much cleaner from the outside and your phone won’t fall out sideways.

Inseams done, the pants are starting to take shape!

I stitched up the top late at night and none of the pictures came out right. The next day I was able to attach the neck band.

The top was surprisingly short on me. If I had more fabric I would have added a longer waistband. The top was also more A-line than I expected. I didn’t really notice this during fitting and I’m too lazy to remove the waistband now.

I also hemmed the sleeves. Very happy with the length!

I also made a last minute change to opt for elastic cuffs! I just think they’re comfortable to have on pajama pants!

However the elastic was quite coarse. Maybe I will look for a matching ribbing fabric and add some ribbed cuffs and waistband…

Stitched my label on the outside because I ain’t about those scratchy labels!

The end result. I’m not going to post a fitted picture because it’s just too silly!

Overall I’m not super happy with the length of the shirt and the elastic cuffs. The neckline is also quite wide. Still, it’s a hilarious fabric!

I will definitely make another set of pajamas this year, maybe from the puffin fabric if I can find more online! What do you think about these pajamas? Do you like elastic cuffs too?

Thanks again for reading,

~ Mardie

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