Christmas Stockings

Hey everyone! Today I am sharing my latest sewing project which are also family gifts for Christmas. I know they are not reading this blog so I am okay with sharing them right now.

I used the stockings pattern by Brandy of Gluesticksblog. I liked the size and high calf, and of course that it included seam allowance! I used up some of last year’s Christmas fabric I used to make a skirt.

For the batting I used some cheap black fleece I got at the latest fabric market. They didn’t have white so I ordered that online.

I added one quilting line on the fabric in chalk. I just went with a simple diagonal pattern as I was making 7 stockings and didn’t want to make it unnecessarily complicated.

Here I finally got to use my quilting spaced for the first time! A lot of people wonder what that weird metal hook is for, but it actually clicks into place in a little hole on the foot holder and you can space out your quilting lines without marking them.

I was very happy with the result, even though the fleece was very prone to warping. It’s only a stocking of course…

Here is another one of the Christmas fabrics I used and where you can see the effect of the fleece warping. After pressing most of the visible warp was gone.

After twelve more sides I was done! I think it took me 2.5 hours total spaced over two days.

This is one of my Christmas gifts to myself – a new rotary cutter! I used it to easily trim excess fleece and fabric.

The trimming loot! This was such a fast job with the rotary cutter. I do however think I will get a bigger cutting mat too.

I stitched the stockings together, and here they all are!

I chain-stitched the fleece cuffs together. Such a fast technique taken from quilting that can also be applied to regular sewing.

Then I stitched one cuff on every stocking. In hindsight, I should have used a double layer of fleece as the cuffs are more floppy than the stiff stocking bodies…

Then I noticed a big tear in one of the stockings! I honestly don’t know how that happened, it might have already been in the fabric and I didn’t notice. I quickly made a patch from a scrap and some double-sided interfacing.

My scrap didn’t completely line up with the pattern but it’s fine. It’s not that noticeable in the busy holly pattern.

All stocking outsides completed! I also stitched a thread loop between the cuff and the stocking body. In hindsight I wish I put it a little higher as the stocking hangs quite diagonally.

I used white lining fabric for the inside to give it a nice and clean look. Also here you can see the diagram I made for my friend ho also wanted to stitch up some stockings!

I stitched the lining pieces together, leaving a hole in the “heel”. Again, trimming was so easy with the rotary cutter!

To finish, I pinned and stitched the lining to the other side of the cuff.

Then half of the cuff was folded inside for a clean finish. And of course now you see the problem of working with whites – they are never truly the same shade!

I had some fabric left over and came with the brilliant idea of making two more cat stockings for the family cats!

Look how cute they are! I made them the size of treat packages which they will both get for Christmas. They are family too, after all!

The finished stockings in the red-gold fabric. Two of the big ones are for me and my BF, but the other people will get mismatched ones that they can swap around if they want. But I just like matching ones hahaha.

The holly and Nordic ones also turned out very cute!

Thank you again for reading, and of course – Happy Holidays! Have you been making any handmade gifts on the sewing machine this year?

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