Dragonfly Dress with Stenzo Border Fabric

Hi everyone! I haven’t gotten a lot of things finished in October & November because I kept starting new projects and buying new fabric… The fall / winter fabrics this year have been very inspiring with dark colours and florals which are right up my alley.

Today’s dress was started in August and is fairly summery for December. But I absolutely adore this pattern and I wear it often with a cardigan or long sleeve tee.

Dragonfly Dress (1)

I stumbled upon this fabric through an ad for Stenzo cotton, and I immediately knew I had to get this fabric! This is the design I draped on the dress form. I was torn between having the borders meet in the waistband or having the flowers right side up. I went for flowers right side up.

Dragonfly Dress (2)

I admit I bought too little of this fabric. It ran on the more expensive side at €15 a meter plus shipping so I only got 2 meters. In the end the skit ended up being not as full as I wanted for that reason. Next time I need to buy more, simple as that.

Dragonfly Dress (3)

Close-up of the wonderful dragonfly and wildflower design on blue.

Dragonfly Dress (4)

I used the same wrap top design I used on my navy polkadot dress. I did add 5 cm to the bottom of the front panel, but it was not a success. The fit ended up being a little too loose.

Dragonfly Dress (5)

I almost did not have enough fabric to make the pattern continue over the wrap top. A this point I should just have stopped and bought more!

Dragonfly Dress (6)

The rest of the fabric was cut down to 70 by 70 cm squares for the skirt panels. Due to the border pattern I didn’t end up with a skirt that was too short but rather too narrow.

Dragonfly Dress (7)

Then I figured out I did not have enough fabric to make two 3/4 sleeves, so I had to go for cap sleeves instead. Cutting them from the scraps was a nightmare as I had to omit seam allowance so they ended up being too tight.

Dragonfly Dress (8)

Last dress, I had issues with the hem of the wrap top. This time I ironed some hem tape and it worked like a charm.

Dragonfly Dress (9)

I serged the edge right up to the hem tape.

Dragonfly Dress (10)

Then I hemmed the top with twin needles.

Dragonfly Dress (11)

The pattern matching turned out great!

Dragonfly Dress (12)

I ended up having the exact colour of thread already on hand. Seeing as I never wear this periwinkle blue that was quite a funny coincidence.

Dragonfly Dress (13)

I didn’t photograph the rest of  the steps, but I basically added the top to the waistband (leaving a hole for the waistband elastic), then the waistband to the skirt. I threaded a piece of elastic through the waistband and hand-stitched the hole in the waistband closed.

Dragonfly Dress (14)

I trimmed the seam allowance of the hem down, then hemmed the skirt with a 2,5 cm double hem. As my hem is only 1 cm longer in the back, I did not have to get fussy with the border hem at all, which was great as this dress had already given me enough headache by now!

Dragonfly Dress (15)

Finally I added the sleeves and also hemmed them at 2.5 single hem and then it was finally DONE!

Dragonfly Dress (16)

Just LOOOOVE the border…

UPDATE April 2020: here’s an actual picture of it being worn! You’ll notice the sleeves are different – I did actually went and got another half meter of fabric and added longer sleeves. Cap sleeves are just not really my thing! Anyway, I wear this dress every week during spring and summer and I just love it so so much!

Thanks again for reading!

~ Mardie

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