Navy Polkadot Dress

Hi everyone! Here is another sewing project I’ve done in September. I only got around to posting it now because I had to move my sewing studio, where I also teach basic sewing courses. Yet I was able to finish two dresses last month – from the same pattern, but quite different so they both get their own post.

NavyPokadotDress (1)

It started with this gorgeous stretch viscose fabric in navy blue with polkadots! I purchased it online for sale, it was only โ‚ฌ 5 per meter!

NavyPokadotDress (2)

The design is based on a dress I made a couple of years ago. I had worn it down to its threads, so I copied and adjusted its pattern down on some spare paper.

NavyPokadotDress (3)

The front, back, sleeve and waistbands were traced onto the back of the fabric. The rest of the fabric, a large rectangle, would be gathered down to the waistband.

NavyPokadotDress (4)

All pieces cut with 1.5 cm seam allowance and 4 cm hem allowance. I also cut a couple of lengths of bias binding for the neckline.

NavyPokadotDress (5)

The 3/4 sleeves serged together in the side seams.

NavyPokadotDress (6)

Also serged the shoulder seams and added the narrow bias binding.

NavyPokadotDress (7)

It wasn’t staying in place very well so I ended up topstitching it, which is barely visible on this picture…

NavyPokadotDress (8)

The dress has a double waistband to create a tunnel for the elastic.I did this step with the normal sewing machine because there were simply too many layers to cut in the center of the bodice, where the overlaps meet.

NavyPokadotDress (9)

Then I decided I wanted some ruffled sleeves! I measured 11cm from the stitching line of the sleeve (not the edge, or I would have to double-hem the elastic too!).

NavyPokadotDress (10)

I took 8 cm of 1.5cm wide elastic and zigzagged it in place. Honestly I just sort of eyeballed both measurements!

NavyPokadotDress (11)

It looks really good on the outside! A zigzag stitch looks nicer than a straight stitch and keeps the elastic down much better.NavyPokadotDress (12)

Then I added the sleeves to the bodice, and after a quick fit I was happy with the sleeves and depth of the neckline.

NavyPokadotDress (13)

After serging the side seams of the skirt I attatched it to the dress.

NavyPokadotDress (14)

Then I used my nifty tool to thread the elastic. I had left a hole in the side seam of the inned waistband to do so, and the hole was later closed by hand.

NavyPokadotDress (15)

Hemming the skirt and sleeves while watching Simply Nailogical, LOL!

NavyPokadotDress (16)

The finished dress! I think it turned out great and it fits even better than the original!NavyPokadotDress (17)

Me wearing it – it does need a camisole underneath but I almost always wear one anyway. I did not add side seam pockets because the fabric would sag too much. Overall I am very happy with this dress, the pattern works great on me and it all came together in 4.5 – 5 hours. Actually I was so happy with it I promptly cut another dress of the same pattern, which I will talk about in next week’s post!

Thanks again for reading!

~ Mardie

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