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16th Century Italian Peasant Dress UPDATE

Hi everyone! It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post, and that’s because we’ve suffered a heatwave here in The Netherlands and I also spend two weeks on holiday with my parents. I didn’t do any sewing at all!

Yet Castlefest was coming up – a yearly Ren Fair I’ve attended for almost 8 years in a row now. This year I didn’t want to make an entirely new costume, but upgraded last year’s costume that was never truly finished.

ItalianPeasant (3)

Here is the costume I am talking about – early 16th century peasant, possibly Italian but fairly generic. This was the fist bodice I ever made using zip ties as boning. There are a couple of things wrong with the fit but it was mostly just unfinished.

Castlefest2019 (1)

So this year I wanted to complete the costume to my original vision. I started by adding grommets to the bodice. Not very period, but so very durable.

Castlefest2019 (2)

I also made a summer camica with shorter sleeves and a ruffle neckline. This was very quick to make, just under 2.5 hours.

Castlefest2019 (3)

I also wanted a straw hat, but could only find ones with weird text on them. This one says “greetings”? I covered them in plastic flowers using a glue gun. Honestly this is one of the few times I actually used a glue gun for my costume LOL!

Castlefest2019 (4)

I also shortened the straps on the bodice because they were very loose on me.

Castlefest2019 (5)

And here is the full outfit! I also whipped up a blue overskirt for some contrast in my outfit. I bought the horn and canteen in previous years attending the fair. The pouch is actually a thrift store find!

Castlefest2019 (8)

I didn’t take a lot of pictures at the event itself because I forgot my snap and shoot camera and we needed my phone for the parking e-ticket. Oh technology. Yet I actually enjoyed seeing everyone’s costume without needing to take pictures all the time.

Castlefest2019 (7)

This couple did deserve a phone picture though, they were dressed in IKEA bags, LOL!

Castlefest2019 (6)

Overall we had another great time at Castlefest. My costume was exactly right, I wore my comfortable shoes, and I had enough storage in my thrift store pouch. My BF scored a pocket watch and a wooden canteen like he had set out to do.


I only bought this little guy here, his name is Archie the Vegetarian Dragon!

See you next year Castlefest!

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