Green Floral Wrap Dress

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Hey everyone! This week I am showing you a dress that had me TEARING MY HAIRS OUT because I had such a hard time with the fit! Therefore it took me 8 months to finish it because I kept abandoning it, re-trying the sleeves, re-trying the collar, and FINALLY it is finished!

GreenFloralWrapDress (0)
You can buy the pattern here.

Actually it has been so long since the start that I made an entire skirt of the scraps of this fabric in between start and finish. Yes, I purchased about 5 meters of this green floral stretch cotton because I love the colour and flowers so much. And it was on sale!

I immediately envisioned a wrap dress because the fabric is a bit thicker, yet with a nice drape. I settled on a pattern I had on hand, Dress 9 from Knipmode issue December 2018. The cuffs looked like a really fun detail and this would be the first time for me to create a shawl collar.

I copied the pattern and cut the fabric with 1.5 seam allowance and 3 cm hem allowance on the skirt. I did all my usual modifications (FBA +9.5, back -2, shoulder -2, chest -2).


I made a full-bust adjustment turned into princess seam, which is the best way to made a nice fitted bodice for a full-busted person like me.


The back features two regular darts.


I was stingy with my fabric, so I cut the ties from scraps so they are made up of two pieces each. The pattern is busy enough to hide the additional seams.


Frustration 1: deciding to serge everything for a “quick dress”. Of course the shawl collar features a sharp angle that my machine did not like.


Instead of ripping seams I decided to just sew straight over it! Which resulted in a very weird pucker on one shoulder. I could not fix it without taking the collar off and ironing a piece of interfacing in the hole my serger cut. It’s visible from the outside, but only up close. Still, not a great start to my “quick dress”.


I decided to zigzag the difficult corners instead, especially since deep clipping was involved.


I stitched the center back seams of the shawl collar and collar facing. Then I stitched the collar facing to the collar.


I turned and pressed the collar, then stitched the side seams.


I left an opening in the right side seam for the tie to feed through. I used some seam tape for stability, then topstitched the seam allowance down all around the opening.


Success! I find that wrap dresses with an opening in the side wrap much nicer.


Frustration 2: the sleeves. As you can see the sleeve head is very high and narrow. I machine-basted the gathering stitches shown here.


When fitting the sleeve I had SUCH a hard time. The sleeve kept puckering no matter how much I divided the gathers. I compared the sleeve pattern to another one and it was so big I’d almost say it was a jacket sleeve. After trying to fit the sleeve multiple times I ripped a hole right down the side about 15cm inward. Of course I did not take a picture of this as I was enraged and threw the project in a bin. That was December 2018.

GreenFloralWrapDress (13)

I picked this project back up in May 2019. At this point the top is still very cute even with shorter sleeves. The sleeves went in with very few problems, only a pucker on one of them that I quickly redid. I’m sad I didn’t get to use the fun cuffs, but I will definitely try a version of this dress in the future.

GreenFloralWrapDress (14)

The top also kind of fits me weirdly, because the front flap keeps sliding in between my boobs instead of staying in place. I will hand-stitch a snap button later to address this problem. But this is already problem #3 with this dress!

GreenFloralWrapDress (15)

Debating weather or not to line it, I decided to just make haste and finish it already. I turned the seam allowance inward and stitched it down. The stitching is hardly visible from the outside, so I also topstitched the collar edges and sides of the wrap tie.

The ironic thing is that now that I’m stitching the facing down, I didn’t even need to serge the collar after all!

GreenFloralWrapDress (16)

After a quick fit I decided on a small 2cm hem for the sleeves.

GreenFloralWrapDress (17)

Then I really went on a sewing streak and serged the bodice to the skirt and hemmed the skirt in one go after a quick fit. I also installed a snap button to hold the dress closed and to prevent sagging of the wrap portion of the skirt.

GreenFloralWrapDress (19)


GreenFloralWrapDress (20)

After so many problems I thought it would be hard to enjoy this dress, but it’s actually really beautiful.

GreenFloralWrapDress (18)

Also look at my snazzy labels from Wunderlabel!

GreenFloralWrapDress (21)

The fit is great, even for a rectangular skirt. The waist ties provide the dress with a tailored fit.

GreenFloralWrapDress (22)

Problems and time frame aside, it was not a very difficult dress to sew had I just stuck to the regular machine instead of the serger. Yet I am unhappy with the fit of the bodice and next time I will definitely make a mockup first. Usually I can get by with the usual adjustments to bodice and length, but this dress was a bit more involved that I thought. But I did finish it and that’s what counts, because you can’t learn from a UFO in a bin!

Thanks again for reading!

~ Mardie


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