Sloth Skirt

Hi everyone! Here’s another skirt I finished, it was not really planned but I received the wrong fabric when I ordered the jersey for my sloth top. The fabric store was very kind and send me another two meters of the correct fabric and I got to keep this cotton one! So I really got lucky indeed since I love this fabric so much.

Sloth Skirt (2)

I planned on keeping this around for a baby shower project but I really wanted more skirts, and I just couldn’t stop thinking about how cute this fabric would be as a skirt with a grey polo on top of it!

Sloth Skirt (1)

I used the same pattern as the one for my green floral skirt. The only difference is I shaved 1 cm off the waistband because it keeps curling back in the back.

Sloth Skirt (3)

I used my back H180 Vlieseline interfacing to stabilize the inside waistband.

Sloth Skirt (4)

I used my new black seam tape (where was this all this time!!!) for the pocket openings.

Sloth Skirt (5)

Then I serged all sides of every single pice!

Sloth Skirt (6)

Stitching the pockets down, placing them 1.5 cm under the top edge of the skirt.

Sloth Skirt (7)

This is why I placed the seam tape away from the edge – this is necessary when using 1.5cm seam allowance, otherwise you’d stitch right next to the interfacing. The goal is to help stabilize the seam, anyway, so it better be on the seam!

Sloth Skirt (8)

Understitching pockets is my favourite detail, can you tell?

Sloth Skirt (9)

Skirt’s looking great so far!

Sloth Skirt (10)

I stitched the side seams of the outer waistband and inner waistband.

Sloth Skirt (11)

I stitched the side seams of the skirt and pockets in one go, then stitched up from the lower edge to the pocket to close up the pocket opening a little bit. This will prevent my phone from falling out of my pocket sideways!

Sloth Skirt (12)

The inseam pocket is completely hidden thanks to the understitching.

Sloth Skirt (13)

Very nice!

Sloth Skirt (14)

Adding and pressing the pleats into the skirt…

Sloth Skirt (15)

… and attaching it to the outer waistband.

Sloth Skirt (16)

Now it’s time to put the invisible zipper in. On my last skirt I used an overlapped zipper but I just couldn’t figure out how to do a nice top, so here we’ll use an invisible zipper.

Sloth Skirt (17)

I used my special invisible zipper foot, which does not come with the machine and cost โ‚ฌ15!!!

Sloth Skirt (18)

Absolutely not my best work. I just kept messing up matching the waistband seam. I decided to let it go after the 3rd time of ripping the zipper out, because in the past I HAVE torn the zipper trying to re-do it.

Sloth Skirt (19)

Stitcing the center back seam using a normal zipper foot so you can start right next to the invisible zipper.

Sloth Skirt (20)

Then it was time for the inner waistband to be attached to the outer waistband.

Sloth Skirt (21)

I clipped the corners and turned the waistband right sides out, and pressed. Clipping and pressing are your secret weapon to make your handmade clothing look SO much better!


Topstitching the waistband down using dark gray thread.

Sloth Skirt (24)

After trying the skirt on, I was kind of disappointed with the length. I don’t really remember how much hem allowance I added to the green skirt, but I was much happier with that length than this one. I added 3 cm to the sloth skirt, so I could only do a double 1.5 cm hem. Next time I will just try to add 6 cm to all my skirts!

Sloth Skirt (25)

Here it is all finished! I think it’s just the cutest thing ever (although I will definitely not wear it together with the sloth top hahaha… or maybe I will!)

Thanks again for reading ๐Ÿฆฅ,
~ Mardie

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