Green Floral Wrap Dress [KM2018-12 Dress 9]

Hey everyone! This week I am showing you a dress that had me TEARING MY HAIRS OUT because I had such a hard time with the fit! Therefore it took me 8 months to finish it because I kept abandoning it, re-trying the sleeves, re-trying the collar, and FINALLY it is finished! Actually it has… Continue reading Green Floral Wrap Dress [KM2018-12 Dress 9]


Sloth Skirt – [KM2019-03 Skirt 103]

Hi everyone! Here's another skirt I finished, it was not really planned but I received the wrong fabric when I ordered the jersey for my sloth top. The fabric store was very kind and send me another two meters of the correct fabric and I got to keep this cotton one! So I really got… Continue reading Sloth Skirt – [KM2019-03 Skirt 103]


Tulip Grace Dress [Simple Sew – Grace Dress B]

Hi everyone! Wedding season has started and I am in desperate need of more formal or semi-formal wear. When two of our friends planned their wedding in June, I wanted to make a fancy-but-not-too-fancy dress. I pictured a vintage-inspired floral dress, perfect for a tea party on mismatched chairs in a lush green garden. I… Continue reading Tulip Grace Dress [Simple Sew – Grace Dress B]