Sloth Cowl Neck Top


Hi everyone! Thanks again for joining me this week as I attempt to make a “sloth dress” that ends up being a sloth skirt. Adventures, yo.

I also realized I never put in the finished date!


I cut all pieced from the fabric: center front panel, side front panels, back panel, sleeves and a giant amount of bias binding that I did not need or use all.


I serged the neck binding to the back neck, then serged the side seams of the sleeves.


The front-side panels were serged to the center-front panel to create the front piece.


Then I serged the side seams and shoulder seams, folding the cowl neck facing in between them.


After fitting I was not very happy with the length on me, and also not very happy with how tight the skirt portion would fit me. So I decided to make it a top instread.


On the dummy it looks fine though.

IMG_20190502_113852I measured front and back panel and cut two waistband pieces so the side seams would align.


I serged them together, faced wrong sides together and pressed.


Taking care to face the sloths the right way, I pinned and serged the waistband to the top.


I basted the sleeves…


… and hemmed them with twin needles. This was a really quick job as I have no hip hem to stitch!


The end result! I stitched in a random label I had but ended up removing it because it was itchy.


I really like the folded waist band, it stabilized the hem more than using regular twin needles. The length is just above low hip which is great as well. I can wear it with some jeans or tucked in a waist-high skirt.

Thanks again for reading!
~ Mardie

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