Mushroom Cowl Neck Top

Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting last week, I was on a family trip to celebrate my Grandparents’ 60th birthday anniversary. We went to the botanical gardens which has a large Chinese garden.


Isn’t it beautiful? I wore a cute mushroom T-shirt I made for the occasion. Sadly it was a very cold day so I didn’t get to take a picture of me wearing it on the day itself. So you’ll get a fun computer room shot instead all the way down below.


For this T-shirt I used a my own cowl neck pattern that I have used many times before. A cowl neck is very flattering on a large bust and so easy to make. I made the sleeves shorter and extended the waistline down to my low hip. I also did not include the modesty panel in the original pattern.

Here is the process:


I did a 40 / 60 fold to fit both the front and back panel on the fold. After cutting these out, I folded the fabric 50 / 50 so the sleeve would actually fit.


I added only 1 cm seam allowance with my Aqua marker. I love using these markers as they are very accurate and easy to use on stretchy fabrics. And it does actually wash out!


I cut a small bias tape for the back neck. The front of the cowl will be hemmed instead of have a bias tape neckline.


All the pieces cut out! The original pattern actually ends at the waist so I added ~ 30cm so it would end up around my low hip. I mostly eyeballed this.


Stitched the side seams of the sleeves on my serger.


I didn’t take pictures of all steps, but it was fairly easy to make. I added the bias tape to the back neck. Then I hemmed the self-facing of the cowl neck, folded it back and stitched the shoulder seams of the front and back panel. Then I stitched the side seams and inserted the sleeves. All of these steps were done on my serger.


Then I made a double 1.5cm hem and basted it.


Toptitching the hem, the sleeve hems and the back neck band with a twin needle.


And here is the end result!


It falls really nicely. Usually when I buy a top with cowl neck it will keep turning inside out while wearing. This pattern doesn’t do that at all!


It is a really cute and easy T-shirt which will go great with either black jeans or a black skirt. Plus it used up some of my fabric stash, which is always great.


Thanks again for reading,

~ Mardie

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