Bullet Journal

BuJo spreads March 2019

Back again with last months bujo spreads! I had a lot of fun with the colour scheme and also trying out different layouts. It seems that a daily to do list doesn’t work as well, as my days never go as planned (broken washing machine, missing the bus etc.). So I decided a weekly to do is more feasible because I kept going back and missing important tasks.

The theme I chose for March was “month of growth” with lots of plants and leaves!


  • Leuchtturm 1917 dotted notebook (medium) in Berry
  • Talens Ecoline Brush Pens
  • Sakura Micron PN pen
  • Stabilo point 88 pens
  • Stabilo pen 68 markers


I opened the month with a big calendar on the left and a smaller on the right (mostly because I didn’t space the doodle very well). I didn’t want to do a full succulent theme this month but a cute gold terrarium with some succulents was really fun to draw – inspiration here.

The first week was quite a different layout inspired by this one, created by @marthasjournal:


I liked the idea of a diagonal drawing acting like a window, only mine shows a lush jungle instead of the cosmos. I used @femmelot’s colouring pencils to create a softer look. I want to use colouring pencils more often because they don’t bleed as much and blend really well.

I also added the quote “bloom where you are sown” I came across on various other botanical themed bujo spreads.


Second week is possibly my favourite, with bright and happy tulip borders! Here I experimented with a small Friday & Saturday space, as well as a separate space during the work days for appointments and tasks. Only I had just 2 appointments that week so it didn’t work very well for this week! Still I like the overall design a lot – it was loosely based on a design I saw on Instagram but forgot to save…


Third week was not my favorite in terms of the illustrations. I now realize I should have coloured the background of the top border yellow so it matches the spread of week 1.

I had a lot of space for notes but STILL not enough. I could easily have slashed the days in half and add more space for notes. Also I tried quicklogging (using dots and V’s instead of boxes) but found it to be pretty messy!

The fourth week was inspired by @amandarachlee ‘s spread:


I made the grid bigger and picked green instead of yellow but kept the overall feel. The doodles were a total fail though! I tried to save it by adding these cute watercolour succulent stickers but all it did was make the spread fee very crowded. This week also suffered from task procrastination so I often had to refer back to an earlier day. It was after this that I decided to make a weekly task list instead.

I was really excited to start my March theme but in the end it doesn’t feel as coherent as February, possibly because I used way more colours. Next time it would be better to limit it to green and yellow. You live you learn!

What was your March bujo theme? Was it also botanical or are you saving that for a later month?


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