Bullet Journal

BuJo spreads February 2019

This year I decided to start bullet journalling as my friend @femmelot purchased one to be used as both a diary and a planner. I’ve kept a digital planner for over ten years now because I could never find one with enough space on Saturday and Sunday. Seeing as I work Saturday to Wednesday this proved to be very inconvenient for my schedule. With a bullet journal I can divide up my own week and do a planner / to do list / doodle combination! So I got this gorgeous Leuchtturm 1917 notebook in… pink!


I have to be honest and say I didn’t start seriously making spreads untill February. I used my journal mostly for notes for work, and it was pretty neat to have it all organized into one notebook instead of spaced over various Post-its and college pads.

What inspired me to start doing weekly spreads was finding @AmandaRachLee on Youtube. I stumbled upon her when I was looking for handwriting videos (yes, my handwriting sucks, which is probably not that uncommon in bullet journal country). The idea of doing a theme every month really spoke to me so for February I picked the theme “month of love”. I had to restrain myself to not do all weeks in one go because I had so many great ideas! But I paced myself and did a new spread every Wednesday. Below you cn see what I made of this month and whoi nsipred me.


  • Leuchtturm 1917 dotted notebook (medium) in Berry
  • Talens Ecoline Brush Pens
  • Sakura Micron PN pen
  • Stabilo point 88 pens
  • Stabilo pen 68 markers


I started my month on the right page, with a little calender shaped like a love note. I used some washi to make it look like it was pasted to the page.


The first week continued the love note theme, and every day was a different note made to look torn from a pad and pasted on with washi. This was a really fun week to draw even though I didn’t end up with that much space for my tasts and appointments.


I got to try out a small Tombow pen and it was really difficult. I am so bad at brush lettering. I also totally wrote “Tuesday” instead of Thursday. I liked the space of this layout, I had a very busy week so it was great to make use of all this space yet still have a cute Valentine-related theme.


The third week was really fun, I thought I would dislike suddenly using green but it really complimented the pink. Here I didn’t have a very busy week, many appointments but no long to-do lists. I tried another brush lettered “love” but messed it up by outlining it, then I messed it up even more by spacing my notes wrong. I also lost my Sakura pen and had to write half of this with a Stabilo pen. While I LOVE my Stabilos for doodling, the Sakura PN pen is my ultimate favourite writing pen.


For the last week I tried to make the weekday names part of the frame of every day, but I kind of fidged ut when I went over it with my Ecoline markers. They are way too fat for something so small. I added little black flags with gold day numbers, and also a heart shaped chocolate box with a gold ribbon. Overall I wasn’t really feeling this page and I was glad to end this month!


Something I also got my hands on during the last week were this super cute stickers from Happy Cutie Studio on Etsy! These will be super handy for those weekly tasks that always return, like cleaning, groceries and watering plants. Now my to do list feels smaller and I have more space left. They are the perfect bullet journal size.

These were my month’s bujo spreads! Did you also submit to the bullet journal craze? What kind of bullet journal do you have and do you use it as a planner, a diary or both?


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