Innocent Smoothies Knitted Hats Campaign


Every year Innocent Smoothies tops their smooties off with handknitted or -crocheted hats to raise money and awareness for the Dutch National Elderly Fund to battle senior loneliness.

I have always wanted to join this campaign and this year I switched between wool brands, so it was a good excuse to use up some scraps. It was also a ton of fun to come up with crochet patterns for the different hats I wanted to make. Of course just a simple striped hat was not enough so I mainly made animal, food and plant hats.

I didn’t write down any of those patterns, but if you want to know a general outline of how I made them drop a comment below and I’ll write up some instructions.


This year I send them a giant pile of hats that I made, and also some hats made by friends during our crafty get-together. In total we send 49 hats to raise money for the Fund! Below are all the hats I made over the month of November 2018. They had to be send in before December 4th.

A couple of plain ones were made to develop the pattern, which can be downloaded here.

Here’s a bunch of striped ones, I especially like the hot pink and teal one in the top left.


A Dutch hat with our flag and the colour of our royalty – orange!


I actually made two mushroom hats but one ended up being way too big. This one did make the cut.


Just an acorn to finish my lime green wool!

Apple and lemon hat. I especially like how the lemon turned out! I decreased to the second to last row, then did an extra row of sc around, then decreased again. This created the little lemon nub on top.


The cherry pie hat was inspired by some cake hats that Sophie from crocheted. She linked to a pattern by Grietje Karwietje but the link died. So I created my own inspired by the apricot pie!


I was planning on doing multiple cactus ones but I was running out of time in the end. This one is planted in a nice terracotta planter!


Daisy in a blue and white planter, which was my Stepmum’s favourite!


Grumpy fox was my Dad’s favourite!

Miss Piggy is Grumpy Fox’ girlfriend. I think this is actually my favourite one of the bunch! She turned out a little purple in the pictures but in real life she is a bright pink piggy.


A wonky bear hat, but I still love him regardless! The muzzle was stitched on.

And finally a bee! This is my second favourite of all because he looks so derpy. I used a leaf pattern to create his wings but it all really came together with those googly eyes.


Right now the smoothies with a hat can be found in stores around The Netherlands for the entire month of February. Let me know if you spotted one of my hats!

Thanks again for reading,


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