Stitchonomy Halloween Stitch-Along

I was introduced to cross-stitching by my friend Alyssa from Stichonomy, who shares a studio space with me over at Handwerkstudio Leiden. She makes cross stitch kits and also sells supplies for them. I tried a couple of cross-stitch projects and ended up really liking it! It’s a convenient little craft to do on your lap while watching TV or traveling by bus.

In September Stitchonomy launched her Drawlloween Stitch-Along and being a huge Halloween fan I just HAD to join!


Every day you would receive an email with that day’s image which were based on the Drawlloween prompt posted by @mabgraves. There were 31 different images and the frame was released early so we could get a head start.


I chose Dove Gray Aida 14 which I purchased from Deb’s Cross stitch.


I had never done a project this big before and it was pretty intense! I think it took me 4 days to finish the frame.


Then it was time to stitch the different daily images. I was already a little behind on the SAL so I could do two or three a day to catch up.


And my friend @femmelot also joined the SAL and she chose a gray linen (left). As you can see I was pretty far behind at this point!


But in the end I finished on the 30th of October and could enjoy the SAL for the one day of Halloween, yay!


And here it is framed and pressed! The SAL is still available over at Stichonomy’s Patreon and if you start now it will be done before Halloween πŸ˜‰

Seeing as this was my first SAL I definitely underestimated how much time every single image took. I also underestimated how much time I had during October which caused me to quickly miss stitching a couple of days in a row. Next time I take on such a big SAL I need to plan an hour or so each day just for stitching to keep up. It is definitely discouraging to start again after missing a couple of days.

Have you done any SAL’s this year?

Thanks again for reading!

~ Mardie

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