Loose Threads – Summer 2018

Hi everyone! Thanks again for joining me, today I will be talking about some “loose threads” AKA projects I did during the past couple of months that I either did not photograph or are too simple to deserve their own posts. Below are some projects from the past couple of months.


OK so this is one of my favourite things I ever made! My step-nephew wanted a real old fashioned prisoner outfit so he could be a prisoner and his brother could be a cowboy. I quickly sewed together this pair of pajamas and a prison ball & chain.


The ball & chain was so much fun to make! I used a ball pattern I found on Pinterest and made some shackles from 5cm tubes of fabric,. Then I made a cuff that can be adjusted to either a childre’s or adults ankles, because the adults should also totally go to jail!

I can attest that every adult on the step-side of the family has since tried on the ball & chain! So this was a huge success.


Next up is a little but of a “fail” as in – the skirt ended up being way too big! This was a fun little skirt I made using a pattern I drafted from my own base pattern. I added pleats and volume to the skirt and a fun trapezium pocket flap. It taught me a lot about pocket flaps! The skirt is also fully lined and has an invisible zipper in the back. Unfortunately it’s very loose and I need to draft a new waistband, seam rip this one and sew on the new waist band and lining. Some day…


Next up I made this hilarious dress shirt for my dad from leftovers of my flamingo skirt. I especially love the red piping on this, it’s such a great detail. It also ended up being to big (why??) so it’s back on the WIP pile…


Another fun commission from a family member – my sister asked me to create a guinea pig toiletry bag for her boyfriend who loves his two guinea pigs. I used to print the design I quickly drew up in Photoshop. And of course it’s in his favorite colour – neon green! This was another hilarious project this month.


Next up is my new favourite dress! I got this coupon for 10 bucks at the fabric market and I was able to fit an entire dress on it! Granted the skirt is not as full as I normally like it but I still really like this quick afternoon project.


Can you see the hidden parrots? Isn’t that amazing!


Finally I sewed a summer dress using the Simple Sew “Grace” pattern. Sadly I don’t really LOVE-love this dress as the bodice fits me a bit weirdly and the armholes are gaping. I did make a mockup of the bodice and all, but the fit is not super great. Still it is a nice light summer dress made of seersucker which is amazing in hot weather.

That’s all for today’s post! Thanks again for reading,

~ Mardie

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